Marine Curriculum

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The Conservation Education Society works with dedicated teachers from the Kwale Wildlife Clubs Patrons Action Group (KWAPEG) in Kwale County, to develop resources and programmes for use in local schools. This collaboration ensures our programmes are interdisciplinary, and are both age and culturally appropriate.

It is of great importance that all our programmes not only teach participants about marine life and conservation, but also improve their skills and knowledge in academic subjects such as Math’s, Languages, Science and Social Studies. This meets our objective of helping to improve both conservation awareness within our community as well as improving exam scores, and so opening more opportunities for the youths in our county.

In 2019, we worked with over 500 students and 70 teachers from 11 schools and colleges, distributing FREE workbooks for both teachers and students to use in school as well as providing fully funded programmes both at schools and at the Marine Education Centre. We will continue to work with the same schools, with the aim to eventually offer our programmes to all schools in Kwale. We are currently working with our local governmental education departments to form a partnership to benefit all stakeholders.

If you are interested in learning and/or supporting this programme please visit our Support page or contact us directly.