Marine Afterschool Club

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In 2019, the Conservation Education Society partnered with a local vocational centre, Mama Lorenza Vocational Centre, an all-girls college for dressmaking and hairdressing. Through this partnership, a Marine Afterschool Club was formed.

Currently, we have over 30 students attend these weekly club meetings and so far we have implemented a recycling scheme for the college. From this, we have been working with teachers and dressmakers to make items out of trash, as we like to say, “making trash into treasure”! Club members have also joined us for beach clean-ups and education programmes at the Marine Education Centre.

We also meet with the whole college fortnightly to watch documentaries and movies on marine life and conservation ranging from Blue Planet to Disney’s Oceans.

If you are interested in learning and/or supporting this programme please visit our Support page or contact us directly.