Beach Clean-Ups

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Beach clean-ups are arranged as part of our education programmes. Nearby schools and colleges, as well as community or voluntary groups, have joined us to clean our beaches. Although this is an important element of our education programmes, it is also an important programme for our community.

All trash collected is recorded, and this is for two reasons! Firstly, data collection is vital for our programme development as well as adding to international datasets. Secondly, it is an important activity for all participants; for our younger participants, it enhances their Math skills and teaches the importance of correct data collection, and for all participants, it highlights the dire situation of our oceans due to pollution. In 2019 alone, we removed over 33,000 items of trash from our beaches, over 80% of which was plastic!

We try to use as much of the items collected as possible, HDPE plastics are kept onsite to be used by the Kwale Plastic Plus Team for their upcycling machines at the Marine Education Centre, while flip flops are used in upcycling workshops during our education programmes.

If you are interested in learning, participating and/or supporting this programme please visit our Support page or contact us directly.