Our Story

Who We Are.

Our Story

The Conservation Education Society was officially established in March 2019 and operates out of the Marine Education Centre in Diani, Kenya. Although the Society was established in 2019, work had already started much earlier, back in October 2018. Our founders partnered with the Marine Education Centre with two main objectives; to educate guests, students and as many people as possible on marine conservation and sustainability and; to create a network of partners within conservation, helping support, strengthen and expose the fantastic work that goes on along Kenya’s coastline.

One year on and we have achieved a substantial amount in a short time. In 2019 alone, over 750 students, from both local and international schools have visited the centre and got involved in our education programmes. We have also partnered with several incredible and like-minded local organisations


We believe through education, empowerment and collaboration, everyone can play a role in conserving and protecting our natural world, however big or small that role may be.


We strive to create a community of passionate wildlife lovers, all working towards a more sustainable and environmentally aware world.

But, why?

Diani, being one of the best beaches in the world, attracts people from all round the globe. This has had a significant strain on Kenya’s coastline and this has negatively impacted the ecosystems and wildlife found here. Activities such as unsustainable fishing, pollution, poaching, selling of marine products for tourism, coastline development, and more, are only exacerbated by the high volume of tourists that visit Diani each year.
Oceans are incredibly important to humans, providing both ecological and economic benefits for coastal communities worldwide. However, the continuation of the above mentioned activities will have serious implications for humans. Changes need to be made so that future generations can continue to enjoy the oceans beauty and endless benefits.

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Our values are what drives our work and allows us to continue growing and achieving our goals







At the Conservation Education Society, we believe everything starts with education. Without the knowledge and understanding of our environment and how it impacts us, how can individuals and communities be expected to make educated decisions about their future. We believe education, does not only increase knowledge of the natural world but also increases admiration and passion for our environment and its inhabitants!

We believe to achieve our goals we need to be accountable for our actions. This is why we do our upmost to be transparent with everything we do, from the money we spend, to the people we work with. Accountability requires us to be considerate, transparent and trustworthy. If we were not, then we would not be able to move forward with what we believe is vital for the future of the earth and humans.

We value inclusivity at the Conservation Education Society because with it comes diversity, mutual respect, and understanding. Plus, let’s face it, our environment is a complex place and the problems it is facing will need a multifaceted solution, which will only come with inclusivity. We believe in connecting people, as we all use the earth in multiple ways, therefore we need to learn from each other, and work together, to enable us to solve our problems together.

Our work needs us to be able to evolve and adapt to the ever-increasing problems our environment faces. Therefore we are continuously monitoring our programmes to ensure that they are relevant, innovative and impactful.

One of our biggest messages in all our programmes is sustainable living. We don’t just stop there but also support sustainable businesses and practices in our community as well as around the world. We believe if we all did our part we can make a positive and significant impact, allowing future generations to continue receiving the benefits our natural world has on offer.

The problems the world is facing today cannot be solved or understood unilaterally, therefore we strive to build a diverse array of partnerships with communities, conservation groups, businesses and anyone who also values our vision. Through these partnerships, we are able to build each other up, through support, whether this be financial or working on a project together. This is an integral part of our work and we believe that through these collaborations we have a stronger and better chance in not only achieving our goals but supporting others in theirs.